Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Great Music & Beautiful Sunsets

I didn't get a page written last night after spending nearly 3 hours in our ophthalmologist office during the afternoon. While my eyes recover quite quickly from being dilated, it was still very stressful driving home against the sun. Had we been a bit later, we could have enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Dr. Mousolf does want to see Elaine again in a Month so we will be back down in January. We did relax after supper and enjoyed an hour of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
The Choir performed beautifully as did the orchestra, but there were actors who performed many scenes depicting the Christmas Carols being sung. Our NET and PBS stations provide a number of truly outstanding programs at this time of year. We listen to these stations throughout the year but at fund raising time the programs are special. Right now we are watching an NET program on "The White House: Inside Story". The first priority for staff is protecting the privacy of the first family. What a Job!!

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