Sunday, December 4, 2016

Outstanding Christmas at Concordia University

In addition to our covering of snow that fell yesterday, we woke up this morning with a "frosty" covering on all our trees and shrubs. But, with skies clearing by mid-morning, the extra Holiday decorations, didn't last long. We were up late last night watching Penn State come back from being down early, to beat Wisconsin 38-31, and win the Big Ten Championship. And, with plans for attending the "Christmas at Concordia" at St. John Lutheran Church this afternoon, we decided to enjoy Sunday Morning at home. We were able to read the papers and watch Jane Pauly on the CBS Sunday Morning show. The Christmas Program of the Concordia University Music Department at St. John was just outstanding. Tickets were made available through Cattle National Bank and Trust and all performances were “sold out”. Tickets were for specific performances and were not for reserved seats. Doors opened at 2:00pm for the 3:00pm program. By 2:30, the place was filled.
 I wouldn’t even guess the number of students involved. Sadie was most interested in the entire concert. Carolyn picked us up and we joined John, Julie and Sadie who got in soon after the doors opened and saved us some seats. The Program lists the names of the students in the following participating groups: Women’s Chorale; Male Chorus; Concordia Handbell Choir; University Brass Ensemble; University A Cappella Choir; and, the University Symphonic Band.

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