Monday, December 5, 2016

Recognition and Food unsecurity

Paul Beck, Director of Kiwanis Club Kitones presented a gift of appreciation to Wes Skilton for his many years of providing the piano accompaniment. Wes is a very accomplished musician and provided much more leadership to the singing group than what is normally expected. President Al Schmidt also presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Larry Grothaus for his many years of activity with Home Delivered Meals. The program was provided by John Marby, Development Officer for the Lincoln Food Bank. Seward is one of 16 counties under the Food Bank of Lincoln's jurisdiction. It is part of a National Organization. He congratulated our Club for sponsorship of the Backpack program. 
He was well aware of the leadership that Teresa Dredge has provided to our Empty Bowl Luncheon which has largely financed the Backpack program for some 70 elementary school students in the area. Teresa has moved on  but left a well-trained cadre of Kiwanians who will carry on her good work. Last year's Empty Bowl Luncheon raised over $20,000. dollars which is about what it takes to finance the program. Mr Marby went on to talk about the number of children within their 16 county area that are not "food secure".  I took that term to mean that there are times when "they don't know where their next meal is coming from". He even quoted some numbers of those even here in Seward County that fall in that category. It is difficult for most of us to comprehend the numbers suggested. He answered a question at the beginning of his presentation, that he said is always asked. That is, how do you know that those receiving benefits are really needy? His answer was: We Don't. School administrators and Teachers are normally the ones who identify students in need. He also  recognized the many other organizations involved in helping to resolve the issue.

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