Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas at the Owens House

We were out to the Owens home this morning soon after 10:00am where some gift opening was taking place. The presents from Santa Claus had been opened much earlier in the day.  Sadie makes the distinction between what comes from O'le Santa and those from others including her parents. Jack just takes whatever comes his way, without much interest in where it came from. We had rain during the night and it was quite foggy all morning. During the course of opening presents, there were 2 loud clashes of thunder and rain. It has been a most unusual weather day for Christmas. Our low for the day(at least until 6:30pm) was 33 at 12:00am, it is now 44. The high was 58 at 2:33pm, with high wind gust of 30mph at 1:47pm. We received 0.87 inches of rain today which brought our year's total to 30.42". This is some 4 inches over our long time average. The skies cleared late in the day and we should have a quiet night. Our high  temperature is not a record for Christmas.
One of Jacks favorite gifts was this Fire Truck with an extension ladder, lights, sounds and even a hose that squirts water (which he hasn't learned of). He received a little wooden train that he likes and an interesting toy consisting of various size and colored disk with a threaded "donut hole". When placed over a 15" broom-stick sized threaded shaft, gravity pulls the spinning disk down to the base. The set contains some 6-8 disks and is very entertaining without batteries. That is not the case with his JD tractor that has lights, sounds, etc. but he likes them all. Sadie got several "cooking" and "art" gifts but it seemed her favorite was a Mermaid Barbie Doll with long blonde hair and is clothed in an outfit with colored lights.

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