Friday, December 30, 2016

Computer and NU Football Challanges Ahead

We have really enjoyed Jon having coffee with us this week. With having worked in Washington, D.C. for the past 20 years and doing a lot of traveling, he brings a much different perspective to the group. Yet, they lived in Seward for some 6 years in the early '90's, so he relates to the group well. While we enjoy Jon's contributions to the discussion, I don't think anyone enjoys it more than Jon. We went down to Walmart directly from coffee and among other things, got a keyboard to use with my new computer. (We also had this picture printed with copies for each of us.) Jay has a collection of such pictures from over the years.
Though the new Dell computer is a laptop, we set it up on our old computer desk and will use it as a PC.  I like the auxiliary keyboard that is more nearly what I am used to using. The mouse is wireless and I can control the cursor much better with it than to touch pad. We also have it set up to use our current printer with a wireless connection. I am optomistic about what we can do with it but it will be a challenge. Coach Riley also has some challenges, being on the short end of a 38-24 score in the Music City  Bowl against Tennessee, in Nashville. Ryker Fyfe did a great job filling in for the injured Tommy Armstrong. It is ironic that after being back up QB for the past 4 years, he got to play his last game.

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