Sunday, January 1, 2017

In with the New, but Hold on to the OLD

This was the scene on TV last night from Times Square in New York City. As the "ball" was about to drop, Mary poured some sparkling grape juice and we all wished each other a "Happy New Year". We went to bed soon after but were awakened by fireworks at midnight. I didn't get anything written last night with wanting to spend as much time with Jon, Mary and Anna as possible with their leaving today. They had taken Elaine and I down to LaCarreta for lunch yesterday since we thought it better than being out after dark on New Year's Eve. 
 They were packed up and  getting ready to leave when Carolyn came back down and took this picture. We enjoyed their visit. Jon gave me a lot of tutoring on the new Dell computer and Windows 10. He has also ordered a "Dummy's" book for me to help meet the challenge of learning a new system. I was able to do a couple things on it today that I couldn't have done on my old HP. The end of the year is a busy time in my record keeping system but maybe it's a good time to be able to close out the year with the old system and then have a fresh start into the new year. I couldn't do it without my old Mac laptop.

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