Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Time with Jack and Our Governor

We got up this morning to a light covering of snow, sleet and ice. Elaine cancelled an eye examination in Lincoln. Some areas in the state got up to 18-20 inches of snow so we were quite fortunate. Jack came to spend some time with us but wasn't feeling up to par. He sat on my lap and I showed him drawings and told him the story of "Silent Spring". We really enjoyed the 2-hour, PBS presentation last evening. He came in his PJ's and brought along a little JD tractor with a front end loader that he held while we talked. After a while he went out in the kitchen looking for a cookie. As noon approached, Elaine fixed him a little dish of strawberries which he ate with a spoon. He was happy to see his Mother when she came but always enjoys his time with us. And, we enjoy it as a highlight of every day that he visits us.
Governor Pete Ricketts was in Seward this afternoon for a  briefing of budget and administrative priorities. He spent well over half of his scheduled hour answering questions from a good sized crowd. I was very favorably impressed by his positions on reducing state expenditures and not raising taxes. I was able to ask "his position on Ag exports in light of recent Administration positions". He went into the details  of a conversation he had with President Trump on the subject and how we can negotiate better individual deals than TPP . In visiting with a friend later, who had also attended the session,  agreed that if we were asked to edit everything he said and how he said it, we wouldn't change a word.

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