Monday, January 16, 2017

An Icy Holiday

This picture was borrowed from Micheal Forsberg, but Elaine and I witnessed a similar sight in our back yard while eating lunch this noon. The Cardinal flew from our Blue Spruce over to the ice covered clump River Burch. It sat there for some time and then flew to the base of our feeder; then on up to the feeder where he ate  his fill. I would like to relate this picture to Martin Luther King Day but can't seem to find the words. My personal appreciation of the reason for the Day, came from watching news while working at my computer much of the day. We didn't leave the house yesterday or today. The exchange between President elect Trump and Congressman John Lewis (D) GA makes me wonder what will happen in the future with the broad brush that the President elect  uses in his tweets. Since such tweets were important in getting him elected, it appears he will continue to use them as President, to communicate directly with his supporters. He may be recognized as a successful business man but was bailed out on several occasions by bankruptcy laws. I know of no comparable  "bail out" of Presidential failures. Even beautiful birds have to cope with unpleasant surrounding at times, and we must continue to have the dreams and faith of Dr. King.

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