Thursday, January 5, 2017

Prosperous Times in the Late '40's.

"The snow began in the gloaming and busily through the night" gave us some 2 inches. With temperatures down in the single digits and strong winds, it was not a good day to be out. I used my snow pusher to clean off our double driveway. Then I went to coffee and got a haircut.  The rest of the day, we stayed inside the house. While we have the new computer set up, I'm using days like this to sort out things on my old HP PC to save any old pictures.  Here are a couple that go back to the 1948 era when we were farming north of Staplehurst as well as still farming the old Vrana farm north of Garland. 
Dad, Don and Jerry are shown on both pictures. I took the pictures but was very much involved in the process. Dad and Jerry have passed on but it will bring back memories for brother Don. Not only thinking about the number of zerts that needed to be "hit" with the grease gun, but also seeing both "flair box" trailers.  Following the drought and depression of the '30's and WWII, the late 40's were very prosperous years for people like my folks. It was not long after these pictures were taken that Don and I both got married. Dad got rid of the old pull-type combines and got a self-propelled John Deere. He and Mother continued to farm and raise cattle until he was 75 years old-then had a good retirement in town. 

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