Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Jack was here this morning and brought his Bowzer along to set on my lap and take selfy pictures. I had just come home from an early appointment with our Family Doctor to have my ears irrigated. Water remaining in my ears still limited my hearing so I played with Jack instead of going to coffee. I did turn on the TV and caught part of the Trump news conference. I was favorably impressed with the written report that was read on his company business activities being turned over to 2 sons. However, when he took the podium to answer questions, we were right back to the same old Donald Trump. It is apparent that he has little respect for the news media and very pointedly refused to give some the opportunity to ask a question.  Former Presidents have relied on the media to present andt lean one way or the other. But they usually use op-ed columnist to present perspectives on both sides of the issue. It is one reason we subscribe to both the Lincoln Journal Star and the Omaha World Herald. Past Presidents ideas were often a major force in establishing Administration positions. But, it appears that President Elect-Trump will use Tweeter to communicate his thoughts and positions directly to millions of people without their having had much meaningful discussion. I hope his son-in-law will be able to influence the President on what, I believe, most citizens expect of "Our President".  Incidentally, Jack insisted he get to turn the TV off before he would let his Mother take him home.

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