Saturday, January 28, 2017

Schweitzer Auctin in Seward

Schweitzer Auction drew a big crowd to the Seward Ag Pavilion today with the first sale of the year. I understand that this was a collection from several parties and the amount of "stuff" was beyond description. This Organ was an example of the age of much of the stuff including a solid oak chair that would last for another 100 years. But it wasn't all this nice. There were rusty old out-board boat engines that looked like they should have been collected in the scrap metal drives during WWII. Auctions like this are interesting events. I went directly from taking things to our recycling center and recognized the comparison. It certainly bears out the old adage that one persons junk is another's treasure. Elaine wasn't feeling well so I didn't stay very long but the bidding was very active. She feels better this evening knowing that I didn't bring home any more collectibles.

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