Saturday, January 14, 2017

Winter Storm Warning

This weather information was released by the National Weather Service this afternoon. It appears that the freezing rain will hit us here in Seward around noon tomorrow. The forecast is for it to be serious  and continue through the night tomorrow and on into Monday morning. It is fortunate that Monday in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday so many people can stay home. It is a wide spread storm extending over several states. We did some additional "stocking up" this morning after taking our two week accumulation to the Recycle Center. We could "hole-up" & stay in for several days is necessary. Our major concern is the possibility of ice building up on the power lines and knocking out our electricity. It controls our heating and literally everything in the house. Our cell phone of course, operates on batteries so we could call for help if necessary. We do have the gas tank filled  but it appears it may take a tank full of gas to drive out of the storm-warning area. The Hospital is only a couple blocks away and I'm sure they have an auxiliary power system which may be an alternative. We hope that we don't have to take such drastic measures.

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