Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Californis in '56

When we read of the Giant Sequoia crushing down during Sunday's storm, we immediately assumed it was the tree pictured during a trip to California back in 1956. In an attempt to verify our assumption, I began a research project that involved the Internet, our pictures, my Diary and other personal documents. I am about 90% sure that this is the tree. The other possibility was a tree destroyed in a 1969 similar storm. Our 1956 trip involved taking Elaine's parents, Albert & Flora; and kids Verlon, Tim and Carolyn (Jon was under 2 years old and stayed with my parents). Flowerdays had just retired from farming and moved to town, we had bought the new Pontiac Station Wagon and planned a 10 day trip that included visiting National Parks, going to 
Disneyland, seeing relatives, and doing some camping and picnic meals.
We had a luggage rack built to carry all our gear on top the wagon. I was still using a 5-year Diary at the time with little space for much comment and all I wrote each day was one live. This picture was taken on June 29, 1956. Learning that the tree that fell Sunday was in the Calaveras Big Trees State Park, helped my confidence since it fits our travel route better than other alternatives. I hadn't remembered any traffic jams but Elaine says we had to wait a while and there was a car behind us even though I got out to take the picture. My research brought back many more happy memories. It was a "once in a lifetime" trip.

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