Friday, January 13, 2017

New PJ's

I have not been able to buy a full pair of flannel pajamas for some years. The best we could find were bottoms, but I preferred  a matching top. Elaine solved the problem by finding an old pattern that she hadn't  used for years. She bought flannel material, elastic, and buttons down at Walmart. And, has spent her spare time during the past several days turning out the pictured product. She even washed the material before starting anything to take care of any shrinkage. The Chinese people apparently didn't do that with a flannel shirt I bought recently which lost about 2 sizes in the first washing. Elaine has done a lot of sewing over-the-years but not much lately. She had almost forgotten how to attach the button-holer.  While she has been sewing, I have been working on our end-of-year inventories. I had about as much trouble working with the Treasury Department calculator to find the current value of I-Bonds as what Elaine did with the Button-holer. We  challenge ourselves by continuing to do these sort of things, even if it does take some extra time. After all our time is not as valuable as our ability to do some of these things that we only do once a year or so. I do have a pretty good set of written instructions for several computer task, but on several, the program has changed to where they need to be modified. But I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight with my new PJ's

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