Saturday, January 7, 2017

2009 Happy Memories

It hit me today that the reason I'm spending the time and effort on the project of organizing the pictures on our old HP PC.  I realized that, I enjoy doing it. I mentioned that to Elaine while eating lunch and she said, "I knew that all along". Why else would have I spent over 8 hours today working on the project if I didn't enjoy doing so. The best guidance that a young person can receive in selecting their life's work is to choose a field in which they have a deep interest and commitment. If they do, they will undoubtedly enjoy their work. This was one of the pictures that I enjoyed when it appeared in my efforts. It was taken back in Washington D.C. where we gathered our family over the 4th of July extended week-end to celebrate our 60th Wedding Anniversary. The event also included son's wives and 5 grandchildren. We did a lot of sight seeing that included seeing our old homes and attending a Nationals game in their new Ballpark. within the next few weeks we had a Florence and Tony family reunion in Colorado, a Joseph and Antonia Cousins reunion in Seward. Carolyn and I went back to New York City to visit Julie and attend baseball games in the new Centi Field and Yankee Stadium. It was a great year with outstanding family memories.

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