Saturday, January 21, 2017

Family Reunion 1980

With this being Janice's birthday and pictures of her as a little girl were on Facebook, one of the nephews said he would like to see more such pictures. This was taken in 1980 in the Seward Park. It was a Florence and Tony Vrana family reunion with family getting together for the first time in several years. Janice is the lady in the back row next to Larry, her husband who has turned to look at the fellow trying to get up into the picture. The nephew asking for more old family pictures is the dark haired youngster, second from the right in the front row. Florence and Tony are seated in the front row, Mother is holding Julie, Elaine and my Granddaughter, Vivian is next to Mother along with Eddy, Elaine and I round out that end of the seated row. Our 4 kids are all standing behind us. Brother Don and Gladys are at the right end of the second row with much of their family in that area. Jerry is the tall fellow in the back row with Sondra in front of him. I hope that a large copy of this picture will be available at our Family Reunion this summer. A lot of changes have taken place in those 37 years. I don't even wear plaid pants anymore.

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