Thursday, January 26, 2017

Food and Fellowship at the Senior Center

We went to the Senior Center Potato Bake this noon. It's the first time we had been there  for the past couple months. We got down ahead of the crowd which was above average. We appreciated the extra workers who helped carry things to the table. The potatoes today were exceptionally large plus being very good. Now that they serve them in Styrofoam, carry home containers, we don't overeat and finished it for supper. As usually happens, we were able to learn about a meeting next week in which the notification had gone astray. It's also always an opportunity to visit with old friends. It's amazing how many people in this community are like family. I have known several of the people we were with today, that I have known for 70 years. While some people move to where their Kids and Grandchildren live, it's nice to be near both old friends & family.
While Elaine's Coconut Cream Pie shows on the first picture, It seemed a close-up was needed. Elaine chose a piece of Pecan Pie for me that wasn't as picturesque, but tasted excellent. We are fortunate to have our Senior Center which is utilized by a number of people on a daily basis. 
After being afraid that my old HP PC had bit the dust yesterday, I was able to resuscitate it today after considerable effort. In fact these pictures were processed on it.

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