Monday, January 30, 2017

Sixpence Program

Daina CepureSain and Katie Radcliffe  presented the program at Kiwanis this noon on the Sixpence program. Sixpence is part of the Blue Valley Community Action Partnership and located at Seward Elementary School.  The program is designed to provide parents the opportunity to develop strong relationships with their Children. The learn to be their child's first teacher, promote learning within the home environment and encourage and support curiosity within the child's play. There are 24 families participating in the program in Seward County. Eligibility is based on need and includes home visits of at least 180 minutes/mo. There is also a family meeting once a month where several families come together with the children to help with the building of life skills. This purpose of the program is to help reduce the wide range of learning capabilities that are apparent in youngsters entering kindergarten. Studies have shown that many students who start out at a level below their peers, see that gap widen as they proceed in school and in life. The attendance of our Kiwanis Meeting this noon was tempered by the Kitone group singing at the Milford Senior Center this noon.

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