Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Computer Queston

This picture was taken back in 1989 when Elaine and I drove our '82 Chevy Silverado pickup truck to Alaska. I could write a book on that trip since we were gone for 6-weeks and slept in the back of the truck (It had a shell) for the most part and camped along the way. The purpose of this blog page however, is not to write about the trip, but rather, about the CD which provided this picture. Soon after getting the new DELL computer, I inserted the CD and a picture came up on the monitor which I had difficult getting removed. I have now been able to open the CD and bring back the pictures, but am unable to find a way to "eject the CD". I have never before had a DELL so am not familiar with its operations. I would certainly appreciate any suggestions on how to get this one to eject. We have a big Windows 10 for Dummies book but it doesn't cover this question. I have inserted a flash drive in the USB port which opens right away, and have found no way to eject it either, other than just pulling it out. Please write a comment on this blog page if you have any suggestions. Thanks

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  1. I hate to admit it, but I got the solution from a lady at the Library. She suggested that the "door" which opens to insert the DVD has a little button when pushed, opens and the DVD ejects. I even tried that at one time but evidently didn't push it hard enough. Now I know how it works.