Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Elaine and I spent much of the afternoon in the lower level working to perfect a 5-year DVD that includes pictures and activities for each year. While Elaine was typing, I cleaned out some files that have gone for recycling and garbage. We each caught a short nap but that didn't keep us from having hot chocolate, cookies and setting on the deck. Our Seward Electronic reading showed a high of 75 and our old thermometer  shows a bit high with the sun shining directly on its mechanism. We can expect another warm day with a definite change coming for the weekend. We may see highs in the 30's.
Our neighbors were out doing a lot of tree trimming and general yard work this afternoon but we didn't quite feel up to that. We are spoiled with having family visiting here to do much of that on a "as necessary" basis. We do expect to talk to a local service to take care of the lawn this year.We enjoyed a beautiful sunset this evening and got a picture of it setting behind our County Courthouse. It was sill "officially" 67 degrees at 6:30 pm.

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