Thursday, February 16, 2017

Jack and I got Haircuts Today

Jack and I got our hair cut this morning at Bob's.  We met over at the the shop after coffee and had to wait with a couple fellows ahead of us. Julie brought Sadie as well as Jack, and she took it all in as if it happened every day. This was his second haircut having had the first just ahead of Christmas. He was a very good boy and enjoyed watching the trucks go by on highway #15. With Elaine having been "under-the-weather" the past couple weeks, Jack has not spent his normal time with us. His vocabulary continues to increase and some of his new words were difficult for me to understand. That didn't keep him from telling me all about it. Sadie was a very good  "Big Sister" in supporting Jack's haircut. They remind me of the relationship that Vivian and I enjoyed.
Bob has been cutting hair in Seward for many years and is the only professional male barber in town.  I'm pleased to see the amount of business that he continues to have. There was a fellow in the chair in addition to the two waiting when I walked in. Another fellow walked in while Jack was in the chair who had to wait for me to get out of the chair. Jack liked it when Bob finished up with the clippers and was proud to hand him a tip when finished.

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