Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day

We were pleasantly surprised when Julie stopped by this morning and gave Elaine a miniature Rose plant for Valentines Day. She was taking Sadie to pre-school and Jack was along for the ride. Since Elaine has been "under-the-weather" for over 2-weeks, we have really missed having the Kids around. Jack showed his usual excitement when we went out to see them on their way. We both enjoyed the Rose on the table as we ate and had coffee. Elaine did get out to the Post Office today for stamps and mailing  letters. She is coming along but her cough is still hanging on and seems to bother her sleeping at night. Fortunately, it doesn't bother me.    
We have hoarded some of the choice item in the Omaha Steaks package what we received as a gift recently. Since we don't exchange Valentines any more, we felt having 2 of the Caramel Apple Tartlets  would be that special dessert item appropriate for Day. It was just what we needed after having Chicken Noodle soup for supper. We did have a big Pork Tenderloin noon meal. Our weather continues to be exceptional. It was in the 50's again today and may have some 60's in the next few days. We are watching Nebraska men lead Penn State 50-39 early in the 2nd half at the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln.     

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