Friday, February 3, 2017

Family Roots, Limbs & Branches.

This picture was taken out at our farm east of Seward, in the summer of 1985. The occasion was a "Florence and Tony" Vrana family reunion. Many changes have occurred during the 31+ years. I'm sure we have the names of every one written down somewhere, but I don't have it at my finger tips. Mother and Dad are seated in front with us 5 siblings behind them. (I am holding our Granddaughter, Heather). Our spouses are standing in back of us. I won't attempt to go any further. Some of the young ladies are even Grandmothers now. We are all looking forward to our reunion this summer.  
This black and white picture was taken in 1927 and includes 5-generations of our family. The little girl is my sister Vivian who is sitting on the chair next to me in the '85 picture. The 5 generation picture was taken here in the Seward City Park. I have early memories of it since we lived nearby during my early years. I have no memory of Great-Great Grandmother Walker but remember the others very well. I will have to see about getting some enlargements of some of these old Family Reunion pictures to have available the summer when we get together at Mahoney State Park for our Reunion.

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