Sunday, February 19, 2017

Coming out of the Dust Bowl

I am indebted to cousin Phil for having put together a CD-R back in 2004 with 193 pictures and then sending it to us.  This is one of them and includes all of my immediate family. I'm sure it was taken at Grandma and Grandpa Vrana's place in Bee, NE. My Dad is the tall fellow in back with dark glasses, he is holding Jerry and Mother (right behind Grandma) is holding Janice (twins). Sister Vivian is to the left of Mother and is between Aunt Rose and Uncle Bill Thompson. They are each holding one of their twins: Billy and Bob. I am in front of Dad and Brother Don is in front of me with our Sunday overalls. Dale is listed as being on Grandfather's lap with Phil to the left of him with Ken and George Rada. The Rada kids spent a lot of time with the Grandparents as did Richard Olsen so the fact that their parents are not on the picture is understandable.  Uncle Joe and Aunt Ruth are not on the picture, though their 2 boys are. I suspect that one of them may have taken the picture.

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