Monday, February 20, 2017

Incidental Objects in Pictures

This is what people should be doing in Nebraska this time of year rather than playing golf and other outdoor activities. This was taken back in 1983 when Julie and I were both younger. We didn't roll the snow to make a ball and eventually a snowman, but rather did it entirely with shovels. Julie has some snow in her hands so she probably "filled in" some of the voids. As is often the case with pictures, some of the incidental items that appear, are as interesting as the "main subject". I'm referring to the Handles sticking out of the snow to the right of the snowman. These handles are on a small, sod busting, walking plow that was used by Elaine's Grandfather Koch. It had been handed down and we received it from Elaine's parents. It was in "fair" condition at that time but we didn't have a place for it and it soon began to weather. 
We moved it from this location to the backyard under the spruce tree and it has deteriorated considerably during the past 25 years. When Verlon was here last fall, we looked at it and while all of the Iron is still there and "in tact", the wood is completely rotted. We have pictured an identical one at the Homestead National Monument Museum and it's too bad that we didn't give this one to the Seward County Museum in Goehner, when we first received it. It may be the only plow here in Seward County that actually broke Seward County Sod.

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