Friday, February 10, 2017

Interesting Day in Seward

We had our afternoon tea earlier but when the mail came, we went out on the deck to read it, and enjoyed the exceptionally warm weather. Our thermometer tends to show readings a bit high, but it looked good to see it approaching the 80 degree mark. The Seward electronic readings on the Internet showed a high of 72 which is still great for the 10th of February. The full moon was  so light last night with the Full Moon that I raised the shade to check, and it was so bright that you could even see shadows of the trees. Elaine didn't sleep very well and didn't feel as good as she did yesterday. As was suggested when we saw the Doctor on Wednesday, we reported her condition today, and will continue her pill regime and check again on Monday
We were most pleased that Carolyn brought down a kettle of soup and ate with us this evening. Ben was eating at a meeting so this worked out good for all of us. And the soup was delicious. She is very much into " grass fed" beef and Whole Food products and there is a difference. We had a lot of excitement in the neighborhood with the City Crew taking down one of the largest Pin Oaks in town from the street parking area of the house next door. They used a "bucket truck" to take a Chain Saw expert up and trimmed it from the top. They tied a cable at the top of what it was trimmed down to, and pulled it over after making a cut down at the bottom of the tree. I walked over this evening, counted the "tree rings" and estimate the tree to have been 80 years old. The first 10 years showed exceptional growth.

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