Friday, February 24, 2017

Strange Weather

After 76 degree temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday we woke up this morning with a 2-3 inch covering of snow with more coming down. We didn't get the bird feeder filled yesterday so Elaine braved the elements and did so this morning. Carolyn and Jack came to visit so I didn't even think about going to coffee and Elaine cancelled a Beauty Shop appointment with the streets and weather like they were. Jack not only likes trucks but also flashlights. He was able to help me put new batteries in this one.
It isn't easy to turn off & on but he has a lot of strength in those little fingers and can do it.
I rode along with Carolyn and Jack when they went up to preschool to pick up Sadie. Jack and I waited in the car while Carolyn went in to get her. It took a while so Jack and I sang and watched cars and 1 truck go by. He was perfectly happy in his car seat but had to peek at the camera when I turned to take his picture. Our high temperature was 31 at 2:10am and the low was 23 at 2:05pm. It is 24 at 7:00pm. A pretty mixed up day.

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