Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mr. President

I listened to every word of President Trump's address to the Congress and to a large television audience and was impressed by his sticking closely to a well written script. As a fiscal conservative, I am very concerned about the cost of implementing the proposals that are likely to come to pass and the possibilities that many of the revenue producing items may not. As a career soil and water conservationist, I didn't expect much and didn't even hear the word "environment".  "Clean air and water" was mentioned in conjunction with health care. I would question some of the quoted statistics, especially the jobs created by the Keystone pipe lines. I don't like his reference to "draining the swamp" since  as a conservation technician, I have helped drain some actual swamps. Unless they are drained and developed in an environmentally sensitive manner, noxious weeds emerge, pollution occurs and wildlife habitat is destroyed. His use of the term could turn out to be a warning as much as a campaign slogan.

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