Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happy Daughter and Dad

This picture demonstrates that when one of your children are Happy because of something they do or have done, it makes you happy too. And, it doesn't matter how old either of you may be. I wasn't in the best of moods yesterday when some of my photo equipment didn't work, the stock market was down, and it was a gloomy day. But when Carolyn pulled into our driveway with a new car and a big smile on her face, my mood quickly embraced her excitement. We were aware that she had been doing some shopping so it wasn't a big surprise, but her enthusiasm was. And, on first sight, we could understand why. It is a very nice vehicle. She moved the driver's seat back, put me in it, and explained all it features. It is a Forester Model Subaru with computerized electronic equipment that does more things than I could imagine.The built-in safety features are very important to her with Grandchildren as is the "green" emission system and fuel economy. She picked us up later and took us to a Church pancake dinner. By the time we got home I had decided that if President Trump said anything that might cause the market to take a hit, I might just sell-out and get a new car. However, he gave an optimistic speech, and the DOW responded today by gaining over 300 points, scooting right past the 21,000 threshold. I think I will hold my stock, continue to drive the old Buick, and still share her excitement.

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  1. Thanks for being excited for me, Dad (and Mom)!