Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Special Kiwanis Flagpole Installation

Our Kiwanis Flag Pole crew have installed hundreds of flag poles  but this morning, they had a first. They put up a larger than regular pole by working from the roof  and threading the poll down through 3 snug fitting collars to a base that had been installed on the side of the building. The Crew today included Dale Rocker, Ken Meyer, Ted Payne and Dave Oates.
  It was all two of the fellows could handle to work with the large pole on the roof and get it in position to slip down through the collars to the base. This installation was scheduled for earlier in the week but with winds of 30mph and gusts much higher, it would have been very dangerous. Even with very little wind this morning, it appeared to me that getting it in position to slip through that first collar was the most critical phase of the whole operation. The Flag installation was done by ropes which enable it to be raised and lowered from the ground level. The County Courthouse Dome is the focal point of downtown Seward and always makes a nice background. It also helps identify location.

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