Saturday, March 18, 2017

Craft Fairs and Basketball

Seward hosted a "Junk & Stuff" craft event this weekend in 3 buildings at the Fair Grounds. It was advertised as having 175 booths set up by people who mostly came from some distance. This is one that caught my eye, that a retired fellow and his wife from Kearney, NE, brought down. He cuts out the letters from old license plates and staples them on a board to make an attractive sign. He gets $3.00 for the Board and $3.00 for each letter. He had individual sacks with each of the 26 letters and an assortment of boards, so he could make "on  the spot", whatever customers wanted. There were more things that appealed to the ladies, but there were some "man junk" like old end wrenches. We only visited the Harvest Hall but assumed there were similar things in the Ag Pavilion and the 4-H Building. It was interesting to see the creative ideas demonstrated to recycle old "junk" into saleable items. I took our weekly recycle stuff to the Center this morning while Elaine was at her weekly Beauty Shop appointment. We didn't accomplish a lot today, but Elaine made a Pecan Pie which hit the spot while watching basketball. I missed 7 out of the first 32 and have already missed 2 of the Sweet Sixteen. (I pick the winners prior to each round rather than the whole bracket.) Wisconsin beating Villanova, last year's winner and a #1 seed, was a real upset. Xavier could become the "dark horse" of the tournament after already beating 2 higher seeded teams.

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