Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Employment with SCS/NRCS

Son Jon has had some interesting discussions with fellow USDA (NRCS) employees on the length of their family history with the Agency. Like many organizations, multi-generational employment is not that unusual. Jon's career in SCS/NRCS overlapped with mine which spanned the years of 1948 to 1980. The Soil Conservation Service (SCS) was established in USDA in 1935 and it's name changed to Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in the late 1990's to express their expanded mission.  Jon was only 7 years old when I was transferred to the Washington D.C. office back in 1962 and where he has worked for some years after several locations around the US as a Soil Scientist. Our family not only includes the work of Jon and I, but also that of other family members. This is something that I have been researching recently in our annual Highlights and Diary's.  My sister's husband, Eddy started working with us in the Seward Office in the spring of 1954 as a WAE Conservation Technician and to a career appointment in Lancaster County in May of 1955. Elaine's Father, Albert worked for a couple years as an SCS part-time Conservation     Technician following his farm auction in January of 1956. My brother Don  also gave up farming and  started working as a Technician with SCS in March of 1957. By mid-summer he received a career appointment to a position in Papillion and later transferred to Syracuse where they live to this day. My "research" hasn't taken me to their ending service dates. Eddy worked a full career, Don gave up the Civil Service job after a number of years and finished out a career in the insurance business and as an Auctioneer. We were, and all are, proud of our contributions to the conservation of our soil and water natural resources.

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