Saturday, March 25, 2017

A Very Thankful Day

This was a good day. Not because of the 40 degree temperature with 20mph NNE wind and some rain, but because of family. Our old Microwave has not been fully operational for some time and like other things "old people" get along with, we hadn't replaced it. This afternoon, just after I opened the mail, Carolyn walked in and then came Ben carrying a new Hamilton Beach Microwave oven. They got it set-up, the old one ready for recycling, and even the clock set. Elaine's image in the glass door reading the instruction manual is a bonus. We had already been to the Recycle Center, Elaine had been to the Beauty Shop, and we had a good visit with John, Sadie and Jack. John gave me some further Kiwanis web site training, I tapped into his knowledge for some investment thoughts in these perilous times, and we always enjoy the Kids.
After a short nap, I decided to do some "patch-work repair" to the framework supporting the one railing of our north garage door. I used a piece of 1x4 that was saved from some of Verlon's home maintenance work last summer to "prop-up" the railing and then, tied it up with a double wire, twisted with a nail to hold it in place. I was satisfied that it would hold and after a short rest, was going to remove the prop. Elaine had put the right number of blocks under it earlier as we got it "in place" and suggested we just leave the prop where it is. It isn't  a permanent fix but an example of how 2 heads are better than one. We will watch the games tonight but it's too bad that either Oregon or Kansas are going to drop out of the NCAA Tournament tonight.

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