Friday, March 17, 2017

The Land Looks Better than the Villages

We took time out from watching basketball this 66 degree afternoon to go on a car ride out in the Garland area. Such a ride always provides mixed emotions. The Garland school district built this new 1-12 grade, brick building in 1920 and graduated it's last Sr. HS Class in 1969. The grade school continued on for some years. The new Gymnasium was built in the mid 60's and the whole complex was sold some 30 years ago. It's now used by a trucker for storage and looks  far removed from what it once was.
We went on out NE of Garland on a "dead end" road and watched this herd of Lamas grazing in  prairie grasses. The contrast between these two versions of "Land Use" is striking. I remember when the cultivated hills were eroded which made for an unpleasant sight and the buildings in town looked well kept. While some of them still are well maintained, many of them look worse than the school building. New homes are being built on agricultural land in the area between Garland and Lincoln but the last one build in Garland goes back about 40 years.

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