Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Part of Seward's 150 year History

We went through some of Elaine's old family pictures today and came across this one of where her Koch Grandparents lived in the late teens & early 1920's. Their house is the one to the lower right of the picture. The intersection looking to the west is 1st and Oak street. The Seward City Mill and Dam are shown just beyond 2nd street. The little RR water tower is shown on further west on the night side of the river.
Tragically, these pictures were taken by a fellow doing repair to the Brickyard smokestack across the street (Columbia Ave) to the east. After doing his repair work and taking pictures, he fell to his death but these, and other pictures survived. We drove down to this neighborhood this evening and much of it is still there. The Koch house and little stripped barn are still there. The area has filled in over the years. The Mill burned in 1938 and the dam was later removed.

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