Sunday, March 19, 2017

March Madness and Warm Weather

Elaine and I had a great day. After a good nights sleep we enjoyed Jane Pauly with the Sunday Morning show as we read the newspapers. We attended 10:30 church where 3 beautiful little girls were baptized. The Ralph Hansen family was celebrating birthdays and hosted Social Hour. Our Chili soup lunch was a bit late as we watched Michigan upset Louisville in a close finish. I was pleased to see Kansas and North Carolina win their way into the Sweet Sixteen. Oregon has their work cut out for them as they trail Rhode Island by 8 with 14 minutes to go.
I was able to watch Kentucky hold off Wichita State 65-62 as I worked on a paper at the HP computer on our lower level. The paper had to do with my early introduction to Soil Conservation practices and employment with the Soil Conservation Service of USDA. It was cool downstairs but when I finished the first draft for Elaine to review, and saw the temperature of the thermometer on the Deck, decided it was time for a drink. It tends to register a little high but even the electronic one downtown showed a high of 86. Our big game tonight will be Duke vs South Carolina which has just gotten underway. Jefferson got the first basket of the game after getting a contact lens replaced.

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