Friday, March 3, 2017

Original Owners

This was taken on March 27, 1992 when we drove home our '92 Buick La Sabre for which we paid Rolfsmeier Motors $18,372. It has been a good car with never having been in an accident  and needing very little repair beyond a new serpentine belt, tires, batteries, etc. It now has 156,599 miles on the speedometer. I have always had the oil changed at around 3,000 miles and have never had to add oil between changes.

Nor have I ever applied any wax or polish other than what it got going through the car wash. Elaine and I have each had a vehicle for a number of years, but as this one reaches it's 25th birthday, and Elaine doesn't drive very much anymore, we may part with "old reliable". I started it up this afternoon for the first time this year and drove around the block. We have a situation tomorrow where our each having a car will be more convenient. We have driven it very little since giving up golf, but it has been handy for those situations like we have tomorrow. As I look at this picture, I believe we have changed more in appearance than the car.     I am editing this blog page a day later to include a picture that we took this afternoon, nearly 25 years after the first one.

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