Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Railway Map Of Nebraska, 1937

This 1937 "Official Railway Map of Nebraska has been in a box of items that I collected a few years ago while actively selling on eBay. I'm taking it to coffee tomorrow morning and doubt that I will bring it home. In addition to the 10 Railroad line Routes shown on this side of the map, the back side lists the Location and Population of All Towns in Nebraska According to Official 1930 Census, and Shipping and Postal Guide. It measures 46 by 24 inches.
This Map was issued by the Nebraska State Railway Commission, Lincoln, Nebraska. Commissioners: Will M. Maupin, Chairman; Commissioners: F. A. Good and Duane T. Swanson; George E. Thuman, Secretary; J. A. Little, Rate Expert and Hugh W. Cargo, Engineer. The map is in pretty frail condition. It would take some restoration to be able to display it in a useful manner. While the Map and Rail Routes are most interesting, the information on the backside is also interesting. Our town of Seward is considered to have a population of 7,000 and the 1930 census showed 2737.

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