Sunday, March 5, 2017

Toys for Jack and I.

I went to a Schweitzer Auction yesterday down in our Seward Ag Pavilion. It included material from more than one client which amounted to a large number of items covering a broad range of "stuff". Great Grandson Jack is enamored with fire trucks and their were many of them shown on the sale bill. Elaine warned me against bringing home anything when we already have more "stuff" than we need. I assured her that I wouldn't bring anything home that Jack and I couldn't "play with". That gave me quite a bit of latitude. These little Herefords caught my eye; they were within the criteria for taking home, and they had some personal memories. I had worked on road construction the summer after HS and saved enough money to start to University but Dad was getting into the Purebred Hereford business.
He convinced me that putting my money in a bred heifer would probably be a better investment than going to college. While we got great returns on the investment, my college degrees were delayed until after marriage and family. The Herefords yesterday sold above my price range, but I was successful in getting Jack this little wind-up train engine along with a little wind-up fire engine and army tank. He hasn't seen them yet, but know he will be pleased. I had bid on some of the other fire trucks but believe these will be things he can pick up in his hands and have fun with. I've already had them running around on the top of our kitchen table

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