Friday, March 10, 2017

A Posed Picture

Jack is back to his normal schedule of spending some time with us on the days that Sadie goes to preschool. We had a special treat this morning when Julie  brought Sadie in and we had all 3 of them here for a short little visit. As well as Jack and Sadie get along, they still need to have some "share" reminders when Sadie wants to play with  toys that have been Jacks while she was gone. When Julie acknowledges the effort that is required for taking care of little kids, I reminded her of Elaine's challenges with four little ones in our family before the oldest had his 5th birthday. Elaine did have her youth going for her since Verlon had his fifth birthday a couple weeks before she had her 25th. Sadie was pleased to "model" her cheerleader outfit with Husker Jack.
Sadie has really seemed to have grown taller during the past few months. She gets along real well with her glasses. It reminds me of having had glasses for a few years when I was in the 7th and 8th grades of Country School. I remember of getting them because of frequent headaches but don't remember how they got broken and never replaced until about 25 years later. Both of these kids amaze me with what they have already learned. I'm sure I had completed Kindergarden and 1st grade before getting to where Sadie is already. Jack knows his numbers to 5 and recognizes colors, animals, as well as many other items. Trucks of all kind are his favorites.

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