Monday, March 13, 2017

Dave Oates Makes Great Sausage

David Oates presented his "Sausage" program at Kiwanis this noon. He has done this before, and it's always a crowd pleaser.  He is a member of our Club following a very successful 40-year career with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. For many years prior to his retirement, he served as Director of the G & P Laboratory. Some years ago, he and some fellow employees started making sausage on weekends as a way of utilizing wild game, primarily deer. Over time it has expanded to a wide range of "creatures". He and his sausage crew developed a long standing tradition to host a "sausage" picnic for employees of G & P and guests. While they have some of the best equipment available at their command, they also have some very useful antiques. Dave is shown holding one of these which he bought from my wife. It carries long time Flowerday  Family history. 
 Dave was assisted by Club member Larry Smith (Retired Dentist) who furnished a flock of Prairie Chickens to Dave for a special variety of Sausage. Though they utilize a wide number of species in making specific sausages, pork is a vital component in most of them. They even use a high "melting point" cheese in some and use milk to help hold the meats together. After our catered spaghetti and meatball dinner, sampling a wide variety of sausages was most enjoyable and appreciated. Thanks Dave and Larry.

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