Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Greg Butcher, finalist for Seward City Administrator.

The public was provided the opportunity to meet Greg Butcher at the Library this evening. He is a finalist to fill the position of Seward City Administrator, a job that has been vacant for some time. Mr. Butcher is currently the City Attorney at Beatrice with additional City Administrator responsibilities including management of economic development funds, writing grants, involvement in personnel decisions, managing employees within his department, etc. I participated in the hour long session hosted by Mayor Josh Eickmeier and was favorably impressed with Mr. Butcher. He was raised in Lincoln, went to Northeast High, received a BS degree from UN-L majoring in Political Science. He worked with the Nebraska Legislature for some years, received his Law degree from UN-L and has had a few years of City experience in Beatrice. He gave 10-15 minutes of background information and then answered questions from the audience. The questions covered a wide range of topics all the way from family to why would you want to come to Seward.

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