Saturday, February 4, 2017

Busy Day in Seward, NE

Schweitzer Auction had the last of 3 auctions in Seward today for a fellow who lives in California and was the heir of his Mother's estate. The mother lived alone in a big old house for many years and at one time sold real estate. She never missed a Garage Sale and took in most Auctions. I don't know of her collecting any one thing in particular but rather, anything that she thought might be sold for more than what she had to pay for it. The Auctions of her items were considerably different than the regular estate sales. As an example, I must have counted over 25 suitcases of various size and shape.
 As always, the auction provided the chance to visit with old friends as well as an opportunity to meet new ones. On my way home, I went past our new Justice Center to see the demolition of the Jail which it is replacing. In a blog page earlier this week, I mentioned it being taken down from the inside out. Now they were taking down the outside. We worked on some Life insurance records this afternoon. I couldn't help but wonder how the gain on some of our policies over the past 50 years compares with the Estate Auction Stuff. But, there isn't any way to measure the value of the life insurance that wasn't used.

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