Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Jack was Back

Jack was back to spend some time with us this morning for the first time since Elaine got the "bug" a month ago. He does a lot of talking but we have a bit of a problem understanding it all. It could be that our hearing is part of the problem but his diction also is a factor. That doesn't slow him down from talking. He enjoys pushing the buttons in Photo Booth as he did in taking this picture. He also had Garrison Keeler on for a while in addition to Olivia Newton-John singing the "Teddy Bear" song. I'm sure he didn't intend to do it, but somehow, Photo Booth doesn't show among the icons on the desktop. I have to "search" for it until I figure out how to get it back. He is very much at home with it.
He also enjoyed just sitting on Great Granddad's lap and sucking his thumb. He has learned how to make it "pop" when he pulls it out of his mouth. Elaine had him down to where all the toy trucks and tractors are located before I got home from coffee. When I got here he was spread out in the living room encouraging Elaine to get down on the floor to play "trucks" with him. All of that activity helped prepare him for relaxing on my lap. He did take my pen out of my shirt pocket and insist that I draw a picture of a train. He didn't comment on it but I could tell that he was thinking that it didn't look like the trains that Mommy and Grandma draw. He did pick up the domino's, put them in the box and put them in the lamp table where they are stored. He's a good boy.

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