Saturday, February 11, 2017

Old Seward Buildings

Elaine was feeling better today. We took things to the Recycle Center and went on to Walmart where we bought a collection of necessities (including a Blueberry Pie). We had a good lunch of Carolyn's nourishing soup, a short nap, and spent much of the afternoon, burning old files from the HP PC on to a DVD.  I have put pictures that we have taken on CDs and DVDs as time has gone along, but haven't been that disciplined with Documents. It was an interesting exercise to see things from old friends, etc.
There are many pictures of the old HS but very few of the elementary to the left on this 1913 picture. There are even fewer of the little white Kindergarten building between the two. My Mother would have attended the two and I went to Kindergarten in the little building. This 2nd picture was taken out of the Court House in 1951. Cattle Bank was building a new facility on the corner. They have expanded over the years and now extend even beyond the old Hinky Dinky store. My black '41 Chevy is parked.

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