Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Problem 0f Obsolescence

Nothing makes one realize how fast time flies than seeing "new" buildings being demolished. This is the "new Seward County Jail" being taken down from the "inside-out" with the new Justice Center being finished in the background. The building being demolished was build in the '72-'73 era which was during the 1962-1980 time frame when we were gone from the area. When we got back it was "The New Jail". I understand there was some dispute between the County and City at the time it was built, and a sign that included "City" was removed by the County and no City offices were included.
Hartmann, a local contractor is doing the demolition from "inside out" They are able to salvage the metal part of the building more easily that way and also are able to load it directly on a truck. It is much more efficient that knocking it down on a big pile and having to sort it out and handle it an extra time. As I understand, the metal can be sold and the rest of the debris ground up and reused in construction. My memory goes back to the "old jail" that was built on this site in 1915 and was left standing for a while even after the '72-'73 one was built. The new Justice Center will not only have the County Jail but also the Sheriffs Office, Court Offices, the Public Defender and County Attorney.

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