Saturday, February 18, 2017

Flower Garden

This is a view of the flowers in the southwest corner of our backyard taken some 10 years ago. Julie bringing Elaine a Miniature Rose for Valentine's Day was a good "opening". This is the season of the year when the Seed Catalogues used to come and get us in the mood for our spring planting. Elaine and I have already done some talking about the front of our house but we haven't spent much time planning for the back. We have had very good luck with Inpatients, and the Daisy's shown in the picture are still there. Our old black "butcher kettle" in front of our house is always good for two or three Geranium's with some fern and Saliva planted around its base. We have some perennial Dianthis  in the back yard that have done real well. It has been our practice to wait until the end of the planting time to get things on sale. This spring, Elaine has suggested getting them early when we can get what we want rather than getting what's left and on sale. Maybe our age has something to do with that change in thinking.

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