Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Challanges: Mental wiith Computer-Physical with Great Grandchildren

Before leaving to go home, Jon told me that he had ordered a book for me to use in learning the operations of Windows 10 on the new DELL computer. It came this morning and contains 950 pages of instructions that must have all the answers. I use the computer on a limited basis each day but am still looking for the questions. It does work great for mail and Face book. Windows Mail is very similar to what I was familiar with on my old HP PC. I like the "wireless mouse" but needing to turn off a very small switch while not in use, is a bit of a nuisance, almost worse than a cord. We have used the old HP to update many of our "end of year" records. It has worked very well since not opening it up on  the Internet.  We hope it will continue to do so since Elaine has used it as a "word processor", and we still have many folders of files on it. 
Jack and Sadie were both in to visit us this afternoon. We had some little toy tractors, trailer, cow, etc. that I had to help Jack get out of the box. He had a little "big wheels" car that would propel itself all the way  across the linoleum floor in the kitchen by just backing it up for a couple feet. After being down on the floor playing for a while, I needed to set down. After showing Jack some of the 2016 picture collages that we had just put in a binder, Sadie decided to join us. They were both interested in picking out pictures of themselves but even Jack was able to name every member of the family. Neither of them have any need for a "Dummies" Book.

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