Sunday, January 15, 2017

Computer Data and Flash Drives

These little flash drives don't look very sexy but they figure in to what I spent much of the day working on, since the ice storm has confined us to the house. It's the time of year when we bring "up-to-date" many of our files like Highlights, Pictures, Narratives, and "Over-the-Years Items". These items include how we spent our Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Thanksgivings, Christmas letters and Christmas. My Daily Diary (Journal) is the basic source of information for the annual update of all of these items. I started developing these "records" some 25 years ago when I retired from a full-time job and began using a computer. While I have put many things on CDs, DVDs, etc it was after starting to write blogs that I put them on Flash Drives. The Red one was my first and now holds 7 annual folders (2010-2016) which contain the 2150 blogs that I've published. It is a 2GB drive and still has 1.31GB space available after loading all the blog pages. The Lexar Jump Drive only has 256 MB capacity. (1 GB = 1,000MB). It contains 59 items including several folders of pictures and lengthy papers I've written on "My Career in SCS", "My Presidents", "Grandparents", "Anniversary in '09", etc. It still has 7.5MB available. The black SunDisk Flash Drive has 8GB capacity. It has been loaded with very little data but will be the recipient of a considerable amount as I move data from my 8-year old HP PC. There is a lot of information on it that I would hate to lose. These stormy days help me get the old files "cleaned up" and transferred.

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