Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pray for our Leaders

We braved the weather and went to Church this morning. As a part of the opening portion of the service, after "passing the peace", Rev. Henre asked the congregation to share their "Joys and Concerns". We learned of members health problem, concern for the victims of the Florida shooting, and the joy of dear friends 42 wedding anniversary, among others. These joys and concerns are expressed for congregational knowledge but also to elicit prayers for those in need and prayers of thanksgiving for the joys. I was tempted, but didn't express my concern for the change of leadership that will occur within the next few days. While I didn't express my concern, I do pray that President Trump's actions and decisions will be pleasing in God's sight. While I single out  the President as our Nations leader, I also include everyone in political leadership positions. Amen

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